SNL Commercial Property Services | Our Processes
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Our Processes

See how we provide a quality service

Quality Management System

Our Quality Management system ensures best practice business processes.


This provides greater awareness of business objectives, accountability and ownership of critical activities relevant to and tailored for each site.


Our strategies, objectives and targets are clearly communicated and shared at all levels of the business including suppliers, sub-contractors and employees.


As part of our quality controls, each Area Manager will perform a pre and post site inspection.  Our layered audit system provides a framework which has the necessary checks and balances to ensure all critical areas are identified to deliver a quality service.

Processes and controls to provide quality assurance

Our key objective is to provide “best quality service at the best possible price”

  • Internal standards and QA process
  • Prepare quality plan
  • SNL standards and requirements
  • Establish customer needs and expectations
  • Technical and regulatory safety and environmental requirements

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Our framework ensures best business practices that are both viable and sustainable.

Our Quality Management system provides the necessary structure to ensure we deliver the “best quality service at the best possible price”.


Our corporate framework ensures we effectively identify, assess, and manage risk throughout our entire organisation. SNL have in place:


  • An established board and corporate governance structure with clearly defined risk tolerances.
  • A clear and transparent vision aimed to be the most innovative, sustainable and best quality service provider within the cleaning industry.
  • A mission to provide the “best quality service at the best possible price”.
  • A well defined set of business objectives and strategies.
  • A Quality Management System supported by strict internal processes and controls.
  • A risk register including risk treatment and mitigation strategies.
  • Internal audit function.

ISO Certification

SNL’s Quality Management system and OH&S policies are compliant with and certified to ISO standards 9001.


This provides a level of assurance to our customers that SNL has the necessary internal processes and controls as well as the “checks and balances” in place, relevant to exceed our customers expectations.

Our framework includes:

  • A corporate governance structure
  • Risk management framework
  • Clear objectives & strategies
  • Quality management system
  • Internal processes and controls

Internal Audit

At SNL we understand the importance an Internal Audit function plays within an organisation.


Our business framework provides senior management with clear objectives and strategies that are measured and tested for effectiveness by an independent internal audit function.


This ensures our internal controls are operating efficiently within the Board’s risk appetite aimed at creating value to our customers by streamlining operational efficiencies, improving quality controls and delivering cost savings.


Our internal audit function will perform periodical audits which are independent to our operations division and engaged directly with each of our customers. Upon completion of each audit a comprehensive report of all observations and recommendations is reported and tabled to the board with feedback and results discussed directly with our customers.

SNL have all the relevant insurances in place

At SNL all business risks are identified, measured and treated within the organisation’s Risk Management framework as defined by our Corporate Governance structure.


This ensures we have all the relevant insurance policies in place to provide our customers with a “piece of a mind” that their sites will be protected.

Public Liability and Third Party

Work Cover Insurance Policy

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