Internal Audit

At SNL we understand the importance an Internal Audit function plays within an organisation.

Our Internal Audit team is managed by our CFO and Director of Finance, Nicholas Iliomanis who has 15+yrs in audit experience working for some of the largest chartered accounting practises gaining experience in London, Melbourne and San Diego holding Senior to Managerial positions.
Nick is a current member of the institute of chartered accountants, ensuring SNL is kept abreast of all new accounting and internal audit matters. This is further governed and supported by a board comprising members of the Institute of internal auditors Australia.

Our business framework provides senior management with clear objectives and strategies that are measured and tested for effectiveness by an independent internal audit function. This ensures our internal controls are operating efficiently within the Board’s risk appetite aimed at creating value for our customers by streamlining operational efficiencies, improving quality controls and delivering cost savings.

Our internal audit function will perform periodical audits which are independent to our operations division and engaged directly with each of our customers. Upon completion of each audit a comprehensive report of all observations and recommendations is reported and tabled to the board with feedback and results discussed directly with our customers.

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